Aubrey Moon Farm


Michelle began riding horses at the age of 9 when her grandfather bought her a little white pony named Dusty.  She took lessons and spent two years riding Dusty, and it was the beginning of a lifelong love of horses. After seeing her progress and having outgrown the pony grandpa purchased a small quarter horse. Michelle went on to participate in local horse shows, even winning Reserve Grand Champion as a Sophomore at the Wyoming State Fair.

After graduating high school and in order to attend college Michelle sold her horses and moved to Florida and attended the University of North Florida where she studied real estate finance. Michelle finished her education at the Metro State College of Denver and was immediately employed by one of the nation’s largest home builders. She climbed the corporate ladder very quickly and eventually went on to start her own business creating and managing community associations throughout the Denver Metro area.


Michelle’s love of horses never waivered and she dreamed of one day owning horses again. In September of 2017 while horse back riding on the beach in Bermuda, it was then that she decided to make this dream a reality. After intense hours of researching various horse breeds, she came across the Rocky Mountain Horse. After reading about their gentle nature and smooth gate, she decided she had to try a Rocky and quickly located a broker just outside of Lexington, Kentucky. The following week Michelle flew to Kentucky, met and immediately fell in love with the breed. She continued to return to Kentucky and purchased additional Rocky Mountain Horses that she began showing and breeding.

Her first two Rocky Mountain Horses were Aubrey and Moon. These two horses completely changed her life and brought back a happiness she had not felt since the last time she owned horses. It only seemed right to move forward with a name that paid tribute to them.

Aubrey Moon shows and breeds top quality horses that excel on the trail and the rail…